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In 1922 my grandparent Demetrios Vathiotis came to Samos as a refuge from Asia Minor with his family and continued the art of ceramics which he had previously been practiced in the area of Sivrihisar. His son, Emmanouil Vathiotis was introduced into the pottery art from early age and he created pots and several homemade item. He and his wife Patra who beautifully decorated the object work of art, worked together until his death in 1974. In 1979, utilising the experience and the knowledge i gained thanks to my father, after attending courses i do Mrs Eleni Kanellopoulou workshop and in a private school of pottery art and decoration, i decided to set up my own workshop.

Most of our objects follow traditional forms and decoration and are of the finest quality, because of the choice of raw materials and high temperatures in the double baking process. Our 100% handmade products are made in the old traditional way and bear the seal of EOMMEX authenticity. They are suitable for both everyday usage and decoration. Our products are also available for retail and wholesale.

The art of Pottery in Samos

Ceramic art first appeared in Samos during the Neolithic Period and continued its presence throughout ancient times and the Middle Ages, as ancient artifacts show. In later years pottery in Samos thrived from the 17th century and onwards, and reached its peak in the mid 19th century. Ceramics from Samos have stood out as one of the most distinct sources of folk culture and unchanged, uninfluenced and unaffected continues its path of folk art creativity.

At the Museum of Greek Folk Art, the Folklore Museum of Mykonos, the Museum of Modern Ceramics and elsewhere there are many pieces of ceramics from Samos.

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